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What about your children?

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Child ID is North America's
only true proactive and preventative child safety and identification program.

  • Customer Care

    It has been in operation in North America for the past 19 years and has numerous success stories on recoveries, including the relocation of eighteen children!

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  • Labels

    The coded Child ID label offers so much more than simply a child ID bracelet. It is a heat seal product that can be ironed into most fabrics.

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  • 24 Hour Monitoring

    With the Child ID program, children and parents can feel secure in the fact that they have taken a proactive and preventative approach towards child safety...

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On the Child ID Label is a toll free 1-800 number which links the caller to our monitoring service, which is staffed by professionals twenty-four hours a day, the family's pin number, which is used to identify lost children or clothing through our database and a message which reads "if found call". All information in our database is strictly confidential and security controlled. Children may also use the 1-800 number as a help line if they are in an emergency situation and their parents are not available.

In any accident or emergency, all personnel are trained to look for identification in clothing. With Child ID, parents can be contacted within minutes, not hours! A list of child safety rules for children to follow is also supplied to parents upon registration with the program.

Child ID's mission is to help parents deal with everyday events that occur, mostly due to situations that are beyond our control. Unlike other child identification programs that are passive in nature, waiting for something to happen before taking action, our unique Child ID program's focus and approach towards child safety and child identification is proactive and preventative, therefore offering parents unparalleled peace of mind.

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